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“We have had great success working with them [FMT Solutions] for 10 years and we will continue to do so.”

David Witter

“Great success”

I have been in financial services for 25 years but most of that time was spent managing advisors. A couple of years ago, I made the decision to start a private practice. I started with zero clients. I had a great deal of confidence in my ability but anxiety about such a big change. The bottom line is that I have enjoyed great success with your system. I can honestly say that no other marketing process has come close to producing the results I have found with FMT. In fact, each successive class has gotten better and better. Your system is allowing me to realize my dream and to take care of my family and nothing could be more important to me. There is always a path for the determined mind but I just want to tell you how happy I am to be a part of your team. Having watched advisors succeed and fail for 25 years, I understand that no system is more critical to the success of a financial services practice than marketing. Your system is certainly a stand out in its coordination, delivery and effectiveness.

Patrick M. 

“Forever grateful”

I am writing to let you know just how grateful my business partner John S. and I are for FMT. We have successfully completed another class that was sponsored by a local university. I am sure you realize how thrilled we were that the classes were so large that we had to split off into a third session. The fun has only begun again as we are now setting up complimentary consultations for nearly all the attendees. The facts are that we now look at FMT and the business it has generated and wonder what we would be doing if not for your program. Using FMT has allowed us to direct our efforts at assets under management by taking the highest trails on all our business. While we see the difference in the way we gather assets we know we are now able to position our company for the long-term due to trail business. We would encourage any rep purchasing your system to follow your program and not try to reinvent it. Thank you for changing our business. We are forever grateful.

Allen P.

“The workshop delivers a meaningful education

The Rejuvenate Your Retirement (RYR) workshop has provided me with a turnkey solution for expanding my practice. The workshop delivers a meaningful education for attendees and the opportunity for creating new client relationships. I have been using the RYR workshop for over 5 years and have tripled my AUM. If you enjoy teaching and want to expand your practice, the FMT system is one of the best options available.
Winthrop J.

“My business grew”

In the four yearsI have been using the (Retirement Planning Today) system my business has grown quickly. I have been able to attract the right people to my classes and create the correct psychology to convert those attendees to good long term clients. The most important advantage I have gained is almost complete control of my schedule. My clients and prospects respect my time now and I work hard when I have productive things to do, but am able to relax when I don't. Is this a "get rich quick" scheme? No. I tell people it's a get rich slow system. You will build a quality business of new clients that see you as the expert.

Bill M.

“Positive experience”

Before I became an advisor, I had the opportunity to visit other advisors as a wholesaler. I noticed that the advisors who had successful practices taught classes. After speaking with many of them, I bought the FMT system. Since my first class in 2008, I’ve had a very positive experience and built from scratch, an $80 million AUM practice of nearly 200 households. My practice is thriving now and FMT is the core of our growth. Their reliable, proven process is one of the best ways to grow a business and I couldn’t be more pleased with them.

Michael A. Easton

“Great job”

FMT Solutions has been instrumental to me in building my practice for over 5 years now. The Retirement Planning Today program and using an educational approach has been a fantastic way for me to meet qualified prospective clients. The FMT team does a great job of helping throughout the entire process. My results using their program have been spectacular! It is a consistent, repeatable, successful process. I can’t think of a better turnkey approach!

Michael B. Alpharetta


This system has been great for our company. Over the last 2 ½ years our AUM has tripled. It is amazing the quality of people that attend our classes. If you need a platform, these classes will give you one.

Dave B.

“Best system”

FMT Solutions has been great for my business! The trust and confidence that people have in me after they attend the class is amazing. This has been the best system that we've ever used. It has truly changed our practice and helped us have a consistent flow of people that are ready to work with us.

Nathan O.

“Gain credibility”

I have been working with FMT for a couple of years and recently started using the "Retirement Planning Today" turnkey seminar package. I have scheduled or met with [most] of these attendees so far . . . with more face to face meeting over the next month. The best part of this program is that the prospects come into my office have already decided to work with me since your credibility is already established.

Gary B.

“When I first started, FMT trained me on how to give a great educational class...

I began working with FMT Solutions in 2010. When I first started, FMT trained me on how to give a great educational class and find school sponsorships. They remained available to me throughout the process as I would need some guidance from time to time. I began to see results immediately after the first class. This became a great way to serve our communities, to showcase our skills and the kind of people we are, and demonstrate our fiduciary approach to comprehensive, goals-based financial planning. Our relationship with FMT Solutions is one of the cornerstones of our operation that has allowed us to grow from 7 million in assets in 2010, to more than 70 million in assets in 2014. The entire FMT Solutions operation are top notch. ”
Tony D.

“Terrific results”

I have been doing seminars for many years, primarily using the Successful Money Management System. Recently, I decided to work with FMT Solutions. My first seminar brought terrific results. I wasn't expecting that type of response based on what I had seen over the past few years and almost ran out of workbooks. What a great problem to have.

Steve W.

“Most successful”

I have used FMT Solutions and their Retirement Planning Today class for 6 years now. My practice is fee based and I have grown my AUM at a steady $3 -$6 million pace each year in new assets. This is by far the most successful marketing program I have ever used.

Steve M.


I have been in the financial services business for 26 years and have used a variety of marketing programs. None have been as effective as FMT Solutions. We get people in the seats and we convert a high percentage to clients. Since using the system I have been able to meet my goal of working less and making more money each year.


“Large impact”

This educational process has allowed me to share my knowledge with potential clients in a digestible manner. It also positions me as an educator. Individuals attending the class quickly uncover a large number of issues they have not addressed and then develop urgency to discuss these issues with a qualified professional. This process has made a large impact on my practice and substantially increased new client acquisitions.

Don C.

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