Retirees (Aged 64-75)

TEN THOUSAND PEOPLE RETIRE PER DAY. As they enter this next phase of life, many things change. Between defined benefit plans, defined contribution plans, social security and portfolio withdraws, their options for sustaining their income vary.  The new reality forces people to reevaluate their original financial plans, and many realize they need a fiduciary advisor to help them in their later years. 

Is This Course Right for My Practice?
Fiduciary advisors looking to work with retirees will find this course is designed specifically for adults who have important financial decisions to make. Investment advisors with a background in retirement income, health care and estate planning will be well-suited for educating attendees in this demographic. 

Classes are held weekdays (mornings or afternoons).

rejuvenate your retirement financial education classroom students

Topics Covered in this Course

Day 1
  • Section 1 – Retirement Income Concerns
  • Section 2 – How Long Will My Money Last?
  • Section 3 – Investments
Day 2
  • Section 4 – Retirement Income Sources
  • Section 5 – Health Care Planning
  • Section 6 – Estate Planning

Questions and active participation from the attendees is highly encouraged. Given that retirement needs are unique and based on personal circumstances, no personal investment advice is offered during the course. This course is for educational purposes only. Promoting, recommending or selling any specific financial products during the class is strictly prohibited. 

Personal Lab Session After the Course

financial advisor consulting senior couple
Private Consultation (Optional)

After the course, attendees will have the option to request a private one-on-one consultation with their instructor. These consultations are typically completed within 1-2 weeks and held at the instructor's office. 

During this private session, attendees are allowed to ask their instructor specific questions about their personal financial situations. Attendees need only share information that they are comfortable discussing with their instructor in order to resolve their personal financial questions.