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Achieving results

One advisor's recent results

  • Virtual Courses 2
  • Attendees 46
  • Appointments 22
  • New Clients 6
  • AUM Transferred : $4.5M
  • Potential AUM in pipeline: $4M

Our clients and what they say

“Amazing results”

I am a financial advisor and have been using the FMT platform for over a year. I have taught 6 classes and have had amazing results! The material we teach in class is spot on and covers everything my clients want to learn! 

Robert Jarman/Financial Advisor

“They deliver”

I have used FMT for about 6 years and find them to deliver 100% of what they promise. Their process helped me add about $60 million of assets under management.

Lee Hyder/Financial Advisor

"Two million average"

The average per class is a couple million AUM. Sometimes up to $3 million to $5 million. By educating first, the clients will follow. 

Brenda Dozier/Financial Advisor